How often will you update and what is the schedule for new pages?

I don’t have a set schedule at the moment. I will be uploading new pages as they are completed one by one. (You can read the old version of COSHOHO on webtoons and Tapas!) This is something of a passion and practice project I have a lot of fun doing so I wont be rushing it. I like to keep a high quality art as well.

I know a schedule is common for webcomic releases but I have to balance my freelance work and day job as well. Updates will be made whenever new pages are ready.

I recommend you subscribe to newsletter using the subscription option found in the left column of the site. Alternatively you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram where I post whenever the site has been updated.

How long will COSHOHO be?

As long as it will take to tell the story in my head or I stop having fun.

After that I have another idea!

Why are your comics in Black and White?

I prefer black and white over color. It’s an aesthetic choice. I grew up reading manga and want to imitate that.

Will you ever create color comics?

Eventually. Maybe as a print version kick starter incentive.

Do you take commissions?

Yes, please email your inquiry to artbylabrada@gmail.com or check out:

Ok, then how about a request?

Nope. Sorry!